[Samba] Static entries NOT working (Debian, Ubuntu)

Thomas Macaigne t.macaigne at beware.fr
Tue Apr 16 08:48:40 MDT 2013


I am trying to add static WINS entries in my Samba server, running on Ubuntu server.
I read various forums and inputs on this mailing list mentionning the use of wins.dat which is located at /var/lib/samba/wins.dat
Moreover, the samba.org official doc covers this (http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/NetworkBrowsing.html#id2584250) and also uses wins.dat
The problem is that the entries I add to the file are not resolving, while I can resolve (I installed winbind) the other entries in it.
I also tried using the lmhost file and provided the file to nmbd with the -H option, it still doesn't work.

For the moment I simply gave up and installed a WINS server on Windows 2008 Server Entreprise Edtion.

Help would be appreciated. I


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