[Samba] Weirdness with cifs.idmap

Marc Hudson Marc.Hudson at BlackBox.com
Fri Apr 12 15:23:28 MDT 2013

Just upgraded to samba 4.0.5 & cifs-utils 6.0

Seeing an odd issues with cifs.idmap where it is no longer mapping sids to unix ids.
The odd part is getcifsacl works just fine.

Here's the errors I'm getting when just doing a simple 'ls -l' on a mounted share:

 Unable to convert cifs.idmap;0;0;39010000;os:S-1-5-21-4152655252-1927126685-3875547740-10605 to UID: Some IDs could not be mapped.
 Unable to convert cifs.idmap;0;0;39010000;gs:S-1-5-21-4152655252-1927126685-3875547740-513 to GID: Some IDs could not be mapped.

I thought it might be something in the winbind setup, however if I run:

 wbinfo --sids-to-unix-ids=S-1-5-21-4152655252-1927126685-3875547740-513,S-1-5-21-4152655252-1927126685-3875547740-10605

It returns the correct information.

This setup did work with samba 3.6.13 / cifs-utils 5.9

Any ideas?

- Marc Hudson

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