[Samba] Samba crash (while logging in as administrator?)

Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Thu Apr 11 02:47:58 MDT 2013

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 09:26:45PM -0500, Nick Semenkovich wrote:
> I just had samba4 (git 69b3d19 from yesterday) crash while logging in as
> administrator.
> The login stalled, and on the samba4 AD DC, winbind stopped responding --
> "getent passwd" stopped showing the domain entries, and commands that
> showed some samba users (e.g. "ls" in a directory with domain owners,
> "htop", etc.) would hang.
> dmesg shows:
> traps: samba[3728] trap invalid opcode ip:7fbaaff2e780 sp:7fff6859f158
> error:0 in libservice.so[7fbaaff29000+7000]
> I'll follow up if I can reproduce this, just wanted to start a thread in
> case anyone else sees this.

Is there any way we can get a backtrace from this? Also,
which platform are you running on? "invalid opcode", that
kindof sounds like a compiler bug. I know that usually all
compiler "bugs" turn out to be just plain program defects,
so would it be possible that you run it under valgrind, just
to make sure we don't overwrite memory we are not supposed
to overwrite?


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