[Samba] Samba crash (while logging in as administrator?)

Nick Semenkovich semenko at alum.mit.edu
Wed Apr 10 20:26:45 MDT 2013

I just had samba4 (git 69b3d19 from yesterday) crash while logging in as

The login stalled, and on the samba4 AD DC, winbind stopped responding --
"getent passwd" stopped showing the domain entries, and commands that
showed some samba users (e.g. "ls" in a directory with domain owners,
"htop", etc.) would hang.

dmesg shows:

traps: samba[3728] trap invalid opcode ip:7fbaaff2e780 sp:7fff6859f158
error:0 in libservice.so[7fbaaff29000+7000]

I'll follow up if I can reproduce this, just wanted to start a thread in
case anyone else sees this.

- Nick

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