[Samba] DDNS / DHCPd && Internal DNS or BIND_DLZ

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Mon Apr 8 10:32:22 MDT 2013

So, I don't see much on the Wiki [actually nothing] and the relevant
threads on the issue are few.

So, let me try to outline what appears to be the current state of
things and if I'm wrong, please correct me.

Running DHCPd on the Samba 4 server works fine.
Doing DDNS [dynamic DNS] updates can work with the BIND9_DLZ setup,
but not the internal DNS setup.

However, if the connecting Samba clients are mostly Windows, doing
DHCPd - BIND9_DLZ updates is probably not worth the effort anyway,
since the Windows clients will handle updating their DNS via Kerberos
and the AD anyway.

This isn't the case for Linux clients, so if you have lots of those
and you need the DDNS updates then perhaps it's worth tackling.

How Mac's handle DNS updates is unknown - [though I'd *guess* it will be
exactly/nearly the same as Linux clients.]

Summary: If your clients are Windows clients, just leave things as
is... they will handle updating DNS records in EITHER the internal DNS or
BIND_DLZ server without any special hacks or scripts to handle it.

If you have a large mix of clients and need the non-windows clients to
update DNS via DHCPD, then using the script found in the following
link might be useful.


Do I have that largely right?


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