[Samba] getent group and net ads user info differs

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Apr 5 00:12:14 MDT 2013


maybe im wrong, but.. 

 net ads user info lisanyurimicolta
>Domain Users
>Comercial       Comercial... 

    getent group comercial

Capital C ?   so 2 different groups is what your talking about.



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>Onderwerp: [Samba] getent group and net ads user info differs
>I have a samba 4.0.3 pdc and a samba 3.5.10 as a fileserver 
>and i am  having an issue that i like to share with you.
>I have a share son the samba 3 setup like this
>        browsable = Yes
>        comment = Comercial
>        path = /shares2/Comercial
>        valid users = @Ingenieria, @Mercadeo, @Comercial, 
>@SIIF, @Costos, administrador, backup
>        write list = @Comercial, @Mercadeo, @Ingenieria, 
>administrador, claudiavillegas, manuelaparicio
>        read list = @Comercial, @SIIF, , at Almacen, @Costos, 
>@Uruguay, @Ingenieria, backup
>        force create mode = 666
>        force directory mode = 777
>	veto files = /*.exe/*.com/*.dll/*.mp3/*.bat/
>As you can see the Comercial group is authorized to read and 
>write, so i have this user lisanyurimicolta she is on the 
>Comercial group:
>[root at srvfs audit]# net ads user info lisanyurimicolta
>Domain Users
>[root at srvfs audit]#
>srvfs is my samba 3.x server, but then she can't write on the 
>share, so i'm executing a getent group to validate that she is 
>on that group for the winbind, but i get this
>[root at srvfs audit]# getent group comercial
>Why is this happening? any suggestions? 
>Thanks for your help.
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