[Samba] Moving to Samba4, DNS problems.

hceuterpe at gmail.com hceuterpe at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 20:42:31 MDT 2012

Do you still have DNS servers on Windows servers? It could be your prior
settings are blocking changes as they think they are unauthorized DNS
updates. I think it is referred to as authoritative updates..
On Sep 25, 2012 5:59 AM, "Aleix Dorca Josa" <adorca at uda.ad> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've spent the last days building the Samba4 RC1 and trying to move a DC
> from 2003 to Samba4.
> I've followed the HowTo's, first to build Samba4, and then to add a domain
> as a backup domain controller on the Wiki. Everything seems to be working
> fine. My backup domain controller gets all the information from the PDC,
> this is LDAP, Kerberos and DNS. As suggested by a message on this list, I
> moved the fsmo roles to the samba4 server. All OK.
> Checking for errors and stuff I found that there was no A DNS record for
> the backup DC on the backup DC. This means that if the /etc/resolv.conf
> only has an entry like:
> nameserver IP_OF_THE_BDC
> then everything else fails.
> 'dig @BDC_IP samba4.domain.lan' returns en empty result.
> Trying to replicate DNS information from the PDC always seems to end up ok
> but the A record is never found on the BDC.
> Also, trying to demote the PDC, I get a message that that server has the
> 'last replicated copy' of the DNS Zones on AD, hence it seems something is
> not correctly moved between DC's.
> Then, has anyone been able to find how to solve this?
> My smb.conf has not been modified by me at all.
> Thanks,
> Aleix.
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