[Samba] GUI file permissions problem

Rowland Penny rpenny at f2s.com
Thu Sep 27 04:57:26 MDT 2012


If I login into a windows box and navigate to a file stored on a samba 
server, I can alter the file permissions by right clicking on the file 
and selecting 'properties' then 'Security'.

But if I login into a Linux box (running Ubuntu 12.04 & Samba 3.6.3) and 
navigate to the same file on the server, then right click on the file 
and select 'Properties' then 'Permissions', I get 'The permissions of 
"<filename>" could not be determined'.

This happens however I connect to the server, I have tried Nautilus, 
Caja, Eiciel and Gigolo. None of them can display the permissions of a 
file or a directory on a samba server. Is this a general Linux problem, 
or, as I am beginning to think, a problem with the way that one samba 
server connects to another i.e. in a totally different way from windows.

Is there anyway that I can set the ACLs on the Samba server from another 
Linux box without resorting to SSH & setfacl?


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