[Samba] Windows 8 Pro no domain logon possible

Roland Schwingel roland.schwingel at onevision.com
Thu Sep 20 05:11:47 MDT 2012

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Müller <mueller at tropenklinik.de> wrote on 20.09.2012 12:50:30:
 > By the way, the only success to join a windows 8 pro to a domain was 
to set
 > up samba4 ads and join it successfully.
 > I did not succeed in any way else.

It is good to hear that there is at least a chance to join windows 8 to 
samba. The bad news is that samba 4 is still beta and not ready for 
production use. I am sitting here in a bigger installation with a big
central LDAP for each and everything (not only samba). Migrating from 
samba3 to samba4 is a several months task.

So I hope there will be a samba 3 based solution for using windows 8
in a domain, too.

What is the official plan here?
Can the required portions for windows 8 be backported to samba 3?

BTW: Is it possible to use samba4 with another LDAP 
server/infrastructure not the samba4 supplied one?

Thanks in advance,


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