[Samba] Kerberos errors in samba4 domain using outlook and exchange

Caleb O'Connell caleb at privacyassociation.org
Tue Sep 18 08:48:25 MDT 2012

So, I have a Samba4 domain setup, which is working pretty well.  
Our windows 7 computers all have outlook connected to Exchange that is 
hosted elsewhere.  This also works great.
I keep getting in the samba log messages like:

Kerberos: UNKNOWN -- username\@domain.com at SAMBA.DOMAIN: no such entry found 
in hdb

so, basically, the username is the e-mail username, not the samba username, 
the domain.com is our e-mail domain and of course SAMBA.DOMAIN is our 
internal domain.

It looks like outlook can sense it's on active directory and is broadcasting 
it's e-mail as username with e-mail domain.  This doesn't seem to be causing 
any problems, but I'd like to not have this.

This is probably more a windows issue, but if someone is an active 
directory/windows auth guru, maybe there is some setting I can work with?  I 
couldn't find anything searching google, this is probably a unique problem 
only people with a setup like mine would experience.

Thanks in advance.

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