[Samba] [Announce] Samba 4.0.0rc1 Available for Download

Rowland Penny rpenny at f2s.com
Thu Sep 13 12:17:45 MDT 2012

On 13/09/12 18:33, steve wrote:
> On 13/09/12 18:47, Rowland Penny wrote:
>> On 13/09/12 17:34, steve wrote:
>>> On 13/09/12 12:40, Karolin Seeger wrote:
>>>> Release Announcements
>>> Is the Internal DNS now the default?
>>> I upgraded from beta 8 and could only get the samba binary to work if
>>> I stopped by distro's bind configured with bind dlz Here it is with
>>> bind working:
>>> failed to bind to fe80::212:f0ff:fe06:9cda%eth1:53 TCP -
>>> task_server_terminate: [dns failed to setup interfaces]
>>> standard_terminate: reason[dns failed to setup interfaces]
>>> /usr/local/samba/sbin/smbd: smbd version 4.1.0pre1-GIT-9158423 started.
>>> If I turn off bind, I lose my Internet connection.
>>> Please be clear.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Steve
>> Hi Steve, yes the internal dns server is now the default, is that clear
>> enough ;-)
> Not for us. No. we need to what to do and what to change to make it 
> the default. Just tell us.
>> Yes, you have a choice but how?
> Answered in my last inline.
>> And it gets worse,
> Yeah, I know it does. Try explaining it to 10 irate Spaniards.
> Thanks Rowland
> No. That's the point. Having followed the discussions for the last 
> week it seemed highly unlikely Kai would get anywhere near the RC1. It 
> doesn't add a forwarder nor interfaces line nor warn you that after 
> the upgrade to the RC you have to work out how to add these yourself. 
> And lets be fair, it most probably would do if we built and 
> provisioned from new. I've 2000 + users just started a new term over 
> here and I want to move forward, not roll back.
> Ah well, the air-con goes off in 10 minutes and I'm going home;)
> Cheers,
> Steve
Steve, if you download the RC1 from 
compile it as usual and then provision, but with the new style provision:

samba-tool domain provision --realm=<your realm> --domain=<YOURDOMAIN> 
--adminpass=<pass> --use-rfc2307 --server-role=dc

You will end up using the internal dns server, this puts a forwarder 
into smb.conf and works provided that you put the servers ipaddress into 
/etc/resolv.conf not


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