[Samba] Linux/Winbind AD domain member loses membership after about 4 days

Andrew Galdes andrew.galdes at agix.com.au
Tue Nov 13 15:19:52 MST 2012

Hi all,

I have a Linux server running Samba (samba-*-3.5.10-115) and Winbind on
CentOS 6.2. I've joined it to the domain using "net rpc join..." and it
worked fine. "wbinfo -u" lists users as i'd expect. However, after a few
days, the Linux server loses it's ability to see users on the domain. I
restart all related services "smb, nmb, winbind" but still no joy. I
re-join the server to the AD with "net rpc join..." again and it works
again. The time is correct on the DC and the Linux server.

The join was first done on Thursday last week at about 3:pm. It remained
working until about 3:pm yesterday. 4 days to the hour (about).

There are errors which i can't list here right now. They essentially say
"authentication failed" and "NT_..._ACCESS_DENIED".

I did try using "authconfig" to join the domain but it failed. Hence the
"net rpc join..." command.

Any thoughts?

-Andrew Galdes
Managing Director


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