[Samba] Winbind: disable UDP/137 broadcasts

Tom Noonan II thomas.noonan.ii at hp.com
Wed Jun 20 14:29:57 MDT 2012

	I have a samba winbind server which is operating properly.  I have the
firewall configured to DROP outbound traffic on UDP/137 and 139.  The broadcast
traffic on these ports will not reach any pertinent machines due to subnetting,
and is unwanted traffic.
	The server is working without this traffic hitting the network.
However, Winbindd is constantly trying to broadcast and logging that it can't.
I have "disable netbios = yes" in my smb.conf file.  How do I stop winbind from
sending traffic to the broadcast address?
Tom Noonan II
ESTL Technician - Randstad

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