[Samba] Samba Platform Support Clarification

David Moss mossd at us.ibm.com
Fri Jun 15 15:04:16 MDT 2012

Good evening.  I'm seeking to verify the feasibility of using Samba as a
file and print server running under the Linux operating system (Red Hat or
SUSE), itself running under the System z Virtual Machine (z/VM).  The
documentation I've seen seems to indicate that Samba runs under Linux, but
virtually all the specifics seem to speak in terms of UNIX.   So  I'd
appreciate it for my peace of mind if you could please confirm whether (1)
Samba runs under Linux, and even more specifically if possible, (2) whether
Samba runs under Linux running under z/VM on System z.  Thank you for any
clarification you can provide. .


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