[Samba] Samba and LDAP

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 06:56:29 MDT 2012

You can use smbpasswd or pdbedit to add a samba user.   Actually, if the
LDAP user already exists the smbpasswd or pdbedit command adds various
samba attributes.  

You should look at the LDAP properties of a user before and after you
run the "smbpasswd -a" or "pdbedit -a" command.   I like the Apache
Directory Studio ldap editor/browser, although you can also use
ldapsearch from the command line.  You will see that the samba-enabled
LDAP accounts have additional object classes and attributes. 

I have Samba 3.x with an LDAP backend.  Not all LDAP users are Samba
users, since we use LDAP for other things besides samba.  By default,
samba expects that the ldap user already exisits.   However, it is
possible for samba to be configured to automatically create and delete
the ldap user.

On 07/31/12 08:18, rodrigo tavares wrote:
> Hello !
> I have a doubt.
> I´m configured LDAP whith Samba, the LDAP is run. But I can't login in one domain, I change the password user with smbldap-passwd. But it's not sufficient to login. Then I have to use smbpasswd -a username, so i get autenticate in domain with user.
> Use the smbpasswd. It´s wrong ?
> Thanks
> Rodrigo Faria Tavares
> Administrator System Linux

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