[Samba] compiling samba 3.4.8 on CentOS_6.2

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at buzzard.me.uk
Fri Jul 13 02:51:43 MDT 2012

On 13/07/12 02:36, Heather Choi wrote:
> How is Samba 3.6 against ADS broken? I have Samba 3.6.6 on SL6.2 with
> ADS and it's running great...

In general it is in my belief not broken, and even the generic Samba 
packages that come with RHEL 6.2 and it's rebuilds work for me against 
our 2008R2 AD.

What I would say is that this bit of Samba configuration is poorly 
documented and seems to keep changing between releases, so a working 
config on 3.5 is bust on 3.6 etc.

Trying to compile 3.4.8 on anything is a really retrograde step anyway 
given that you will be making your box open to a remote root compromise...


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