[Samba] Suggestions? Multiple servers/storages one domain

Götz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Fri Jul 6 05:55:39 MDT 2012


currently we do have one samba3x-3.5.10-0.109.el5_8 RH EL 5.8 PDC
authenticating by our central LDAP server.

This PDS also hosts the central fileserver storage for all our +- 600
users, some group shares and roaming profiles.

The clients are OS X, Win XP and Win 7. We hope to have all XP 'killed'
by end of the year.

Furthermore we do have a second stand alone samba server for some
projects needing more space and with local smb users.

As we think about splitting up the central PDC storage and setting up an
other filestorage too, I was researching for the 'best' setup.

I wanted to separate the two main user groups to use one server each, so
the stuff members do get some more performance.

But on the other hand I like to use our current setup as much as possible.

So I hoped that there is some tutorial (there are so many ... :)
luckily! ) which describes a setup like we are looking for.

- We will still have one central LDAP and one domain to login.

- If users belong to stuff, they have access to the profile and user
files shared by the server 1

- If users belong to students, they have access to the profile and user
files shared by the server 2

- Furthermore we do have a third/++ BIG FILES server whose shares can be
accessed by users in an user group but authenticate as well by the PDC.

May be someone can point me to some tutorials or can give other advises
and suggestions?

I cant buy new e.g. 10G server/storage hardware, but can use some 'old'
some-core-lots-of-RAM-1G systems

	Thanks a lot and best regards . Götz
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