[Samba] The Recycled PIDs Fix

Manoj Dahal mdahal at novell.com
Fri Jan 20 04:38:21 MST 2012

** Low Priority **

Hi Volker,
This is regarding your fix on recycled PIDs. I am an NCP developer from Novell and we use libsmbsharemodes library
from Samba for Cross Protocols Locks between NCP, Samba and others. I have few queries regarding your fix.
In your fix, you have added a new field called 'unique_id' in the server_id structure 
and we need to pass this in our call to samba share mode APIs  e.g. create_share_mode_entry().
Also, you have introduced server registration/de-registration which is associated with 'unqiue_id'. If we use these new APIs 
then in which library from Samba do we need to link to?  Or without calling serverid_register() can we directly pass any 'unique_id'
while calling to create_share_mode_entry() and in that case whether this and other share mode APIs will work properly?
Looking forward to your answer,

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