[Samba] MSDFS on [homes] share for two samba servers

Michal Bruncko michal.bruncko at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 12:59:11 MST 2012

Thank you for summary all available options in this situation. I have 
just two additional questions:

  - which way pass data flow between user and MSDFS redirected share 
(i.e. MSDFS from virtualserver\share -> anotherserver\share)? The data 
will flow directly between source (user) and real destination? Or MSDFS 
is just simple redirect so flow will goes in this path: client - MSDFS 
share on virtualserver - real share on anotherserver?

  - second question: it is possible to use variable substitutions (i.e. 
like %U) directly in section name like [%U]? Is this possible?

ps: probably I will look (due to simplicity:)) on option with explicit 
share name for every users. This organization have 50+ staffs so it is 
not soo complicated for realisation.



On 16. 1. 2012 15:50, Jonathan Buzzard wrote:
> On Sun, 2012-01-15 at 12:35 +0100, Michal Bruncko wrote:
>> Hello Jonathan,
>> thank you for answer. You have right, that is good idea with making
>> standalone (virtual) redirection server for all people. But here is
>> another question: it is possible creates this redirection shares on that
>> virtual server with the most simple path like \\virtual.filesrv\user ?
>> Or i need to using something like this: \\virtual.filesrv\msdfs_share\user ?
> It is a while since I last did this and don't have a working test rig as
> at my current job we have this horrid automounter/NFS combo that I am
> working to get rid of. Therefore you would have to test this out for
> yourself, though in the past when I did this it did not matter as the
> home directory path was recovered from AD as part of the login process.
> I would try start with a "template homedir = /homes/%u" on your virtual
> server, create all the necessary symlinks in the /homes directory for
> all your users so they point to the correct physical server and then add
> to the [homes] share on your virtual server an "msdfs root = yes" option
> and see if it works. I suspect it won't however.
> The other option is to create explicit shares for each users home
> directory and add an msdfs proxy option to each share definition. Rather
> less manageable though.
> Option one would be good for a CTBD setup as you can publish a "\
> \homes.mycorp.com\homes" share for your users to use, and then under the
> hood load balance across your servers using a "exec
> = /usr/local/sbin/mklnk.pl %u" with an appropriate script that creates
> as required an MSDFS style link when you first connect randomly to one
> of your CTDB IP addresses.
> JAB.

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