[Samba] net ads join disable dns update

dalege dalege dalege at live.com
Fri Feb 3 10:43:01 MST 2012

We have a couple oracle RAC servers that we install samba/winbind on. These servers require multiple NIC's / IP's. 

The problem is when we do "net ads join" it updates windows DNS and really screws us up because seven IP's get put into DNS, all tied to the same host, including the interconnect IP's which oracle insists needs to be 169.254.x.x addresses. Because of the way the company is setup, we cannot disable DNS update on the windows server. The company relies on it for most of the machines.

We are using the 3.5.12-44 rpms from ftp.sernet.de.

I have Googled this for awhile now, and what I've found is that Samba should be recompiled with the the "--with-dnsupdate" flag. This really isn't an option for us. I've also seen that if its in an smb cluster auto-update will disable. I've also seen a lot of complaints about this and a reference saying that a command line option was going to be added similar to "net ads join --disable-dns-update" but that doesn't appear to have been implemented. 

So, the question is, is there entry that can be put in smb.conf, a command line option, startup option, anything (other then recompiling) that can disable dns auto update? 

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