[Samba] net ads join disable dns update

David Roid dataroid at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 19:52:46 MST 2012

Been there:
1. Compile Samba by yourself, remove WITH_DNS_UPDATE flag.
2. Disallow "allow insecure update" from DNS server.
3. Edit /etc/hosts, use shortname for your Samba server, then upon "net ads
" it will complain domain name not found hence will not update DNS.


2012/2/4 dalege dalege <dalege at live.com>

> We have a couple oracle RAC servers that we install samba/winbind on.
> These servers require multiple NIC's / IP's.
> The problem is when we do "net ads join" it updates windows DNS and really
> screws us up because seven IP's get put into DNS, all tied to the same
> host, including the interconnect IP's which oracle insists needs to be
> 169.254.x.x addresses. Because of the way the company is setup, we cannot
> disable DNS update on the windows server. The company relies on it for most
> of the machines.
> We are using the 3.5.12-44 rpms from ftp.sernet.de.
> I have Googled this for awhile now, and what I've found is that Samba
> should be recompiled with the the "--with-dnsupdate" flag. This really
> isn't an option for us. I've also seen that if its in an smb cluster
> auto-update will disable. I've also seen a lot of complaints about this and
> a reference saying that a command line option was going to be added similar
> to "net ads join --disable-dns-update" but that doesn't appear to have been
> implemented.
> So, the question is, is there entry that can be put in smb.conf, a command
> line option, startup option, anything (other then recompiling) that can
> disable dns auto update?
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