[Samba] difference between version 3.x and version 4

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 15:40:59 MST 2012

> I want to make clear that, aside from changes like the removal of
> depreciated features like 'security=server' and 'security=share',
> essentially all the features of Samba 3.x are in Samba 4.0.  We call the
> NT4-like domains that Samba 3.x supported 'classic' domains, and they
> continue to be supported by smbd/nmbd.  Likewise, the domain membership
> code is handled in the same way, and remains fully supported.
> Samba 4.0 is our new production release.

Interesting, I did not know that would still be supported. I will have
to test using the classic domains PDC + BDCs with samba4 servers.


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