[Samba] Win7 x64 postscript printer -> samba print Apple Laserwriter not available

Gary Stainburn gary at ringways.co.uk
Wed Dec 12 03:16:45 MST 2012

Hi folks.

I've got a system where my WinXP (they still work well) workstations have a 
virtual printer installed on them. 

This virtual printer uses Apple Colour Laserwriter Postscript drivers to 
generate PS files which are then printed to a linux server where Samba passes 
the file to one of my scripts which then parses the file, extracts data, 
coverts the PS to PDF and then inserts the details into a database.

My problem is that on the new Win7 x86 PC's the Apple drivers are not 
available.  Can anyone point me to compatible drivers, or what I can do 
Gary Stainburn
Group I.T. Manager
Ringways Garages

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