[Samba] recommended procedure for mandatory roaming profiles for win7 with samba 3

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Mon Dec 3 05:08:29 MST 2012

Thierry Lacoste wrote:
> Now I'm adding win 7 clients to the mix and I want the same thing.
> It's (almost) working but I think my procedure is a bit dirty
> (i.e. I use "windows enabler" to build my ntuser.man roaming profile).
    It's pretty much procedure on either --- with an important
difference.  Your XP clients won't be able to share
profiles with your Win7 clients -- Windows adds a
".V2" to the end of the user name and creates a separate
profile dir for Win7 (I think it goes into effect in Vista).

    You can even force local profiles to be stored on the server
(i.e. you don't need a domain).  

In my profile dir I see 'user' as well as 'user.V2'.

Some caveats that you likely already know.  There are
2 bad offenders that dump large quantities of data into
a users roaming profile: Adobe and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Between the two I've had to clean out as much as 10G
from a 13G profile, which really hurts login/out.

If you want to set local-user profile storage, look at
the group policy editor snapin under
administrative templates -> System -> User Profiles,
There are about 10-15 settings... some useful ones --
'set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer'
'do not check for user ownership of roaming profile folders'
(helped me avoid perm probs between server and local sys)...

Hope this helps...

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