[Samba] Transfer speed

Azerty Ytreza 007liamg007 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 02:17:25 MDT 2012

> Pure HD read speed.

Yes and it's what I want.

> This isn't a copy to RAM.  You've created a loop from/to the drive
> through the samba server and client.  Thus, if you copy from the samba
> share to /media, you're reading from the HD and writing to the HD.  So
> you're getting about 120MB/s aggregate to/from the drive.  Linux
> buffering is likely pumping this number up a bit.  Issue a sync after
> the copy command for flush the write to disk and you'll see a more
> accurate number.

Yes, it's a loop on the same machine but I doesn't copy to the HD. Because
my system run in ram.
I have one HDD with datas on "/datas" but all other folders are on ram but
I have copied that from "/media" (ram) to "/tmp" (ram). ("/media" is the
mount on "/datas").
And the file transferred is very big more than 20Gb, I cancel the copy
after a moment because not have enough memory for copy all the file.
At each time, I have "iotop -o" opened for look the transfer speed from

> Obviously GbE.  This low throughput can have a number of causes, most
> dealing with network performance, not samba.

Yes, it's for that which I try to isolate the cause. Iperf give me very
good performance but after when I try with real file, I doesn't have that

> Are you using jumbo frames?  Which NICs?  Which GbE switch?  Using FTP
> client on Windows PC, what is your GET transfer rate from the Samba
> machine?  If it's less than 80MB/s you may have a network problem.  If
> it's over 90MB/s you may still have some Samba tuning to do.  BTW,
> 60MB/s from Samba to Windows over GbE is pretty damn good.  Many people
> can't get over 35-40MB/s with Windows/GbE and Samba

Yes, I have set jumbo frame at 4500 because seem the better value after a
lot of test. More bigger frame reduce performance from my test.
Ethernet controller : Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
Switch : Netgear GS108T
FTP (proftpd) from Samba server to Windows : 105-110Mo/sec (from "/datas"
checked with "iotop -o" not FileZilla)
Yes 60Mo/s it's not bad, but I would understand why I can't use full
bandwidth because all my HDD can sustain ~90-100Mo/s and the network should
be OK.

> Assuming your future 10GbE network is configured and tuned perfectly,
> you'll need a disk that can push over 1,000 MB/s sustained data rate to
> fill the 10GbE pipe.  This requires either a large striped array of
> spinning rust (more than 14 SATA disks in RAID0), or a smaller array of
> fast SSDs (4 in a RAID0).

Yes I know that this speed is almost unreachable actually but I can't reach
1gbps limit now so 10gbps ... :(
I'm almost sure than Samba can use almost full gbps speed but how to
enabled that ? :(

Thank you for your help !

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