[Samba] winXP client always requesting password change

Marco Ciampa ciampix at libero.it
Thu Sep 15 13:39:26 MDT 2011

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 11:06:14AM +0200, Marco Ciampa wrote:
> SAMBA 3.4.8 on Debian + ldap (Windows domain)
> Some users created via smbldaptools (in a school).
> After summer holidays found that some (last year) accounts force you to
> change the password at login.
> If you change the password the sistem lanconingly warning that to enter
> you have to change your password (just done!) and refuses to let you
> enter...
> If I delete and recreate the account, it works. Checking with smbldap or
> pdbedit or net sam tools, all the tools says that the password change is
> disabled and the password do not expire...
> I do not know where to look for the problem...
> Any hint?


looking into the ldap data of 2 different users, I do not see any
meaningful differeces... is it possible that a bad configured samba
server could use (part of) info from any other source (tdb?) and part
from ldap?

PS: I do not use winbind...could be a problem?


Marco Ciampa

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