[Samba] Browsing confusion

steffo76 at gmx.de steffo76 at gmx.de
Tue Sep 13 09:17:23 MDT 2011

Hi there,

I need advice regarding wins settings. I am running two samba servers on the same subnet in a multi-subnetted network. They are connected to a LDAP backend. One of them is supposed to be the PDC and the other one should act as BDC. The question is how the clients on the other subnets should find the BDC if the PDC is down if only one of them has wins support = yes set as suggested in the manpage for smb.conf ("Note that you should NEVER set this to yes on more than one machine in your network"). The only combination that has been working so far is to give the clients both servers as wins server via dhcp and enable wins support on both. If only the PDC has wins support = yes and only the pdc is being announced to the clients as wins server they refuse domain logons if the PDC is down saying that there is no logon server available.

What am I missing ? If I understand correctly the clients in the subnets will elect a local master browser for each subnet which turns to the wins server to sync the browselist. But what if the wins server (PDC) is down ? How will the clients find the BDC ?

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