[Samba] passdb backend issue: setting other than 'smbpasswd' does not work

Kevin Broderick kbroderick at killingtonmountainschool.org
Mon Sep 12 12:19:01 MDT 2011

I'm currently running the samba3x packages on Centos 5.6.  I recently switched to them from the SERnet Samba 3.3 packages to Centos Samba3x packages (smbd now reports Version 3.5.4-0.70.el5_6.1).

At the same time, I switched to ldapsam as a backend.  Everything seemed to be working fine until I tried to change a user's password with smbpasswd (as root).  smbpasswd did not report any errors, and pdbedit shows the "last update" for that password to match when I ran smbpasswd.  However, the updated password does not work to log in with smbclient.

I then switched to tdbsam, assuming that I had screwed up part of the ldap setup.  I saw the same issues.

Switching to the smbpasswd backend has everything working, but I'd rather hoped to switch everything over to LDAP so I can integrate some of our other systems in one directory.

I can pull logs, but I'm not sure which logs and debugging levels are most useful—there were no error messages even with the loglevel set to 5 during the smbpasswd run, and the access rejection comes up as NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD.  It *seems* like smbd is reading from smbpasswd regardless of the passdb backend setting and that the smbpasswd utility is updating the correct backend based on the smb.conf setting.  I did run a "service smbd reload" each time I changed the config file.

Any suggestions?

Kevin T. Broderick
IT & Communications Coordinator
E: kbroderick at killingtonmountainschool.org
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