[Samba] Can't add users to well known groups...

Linda Walsh samba at tlinx.org
Mon Sep 12 10:10:00 MDT 2011

François Legal wrote:
> Not sure if this is relevant, but if (first case shown down here) 
> "Domain Admins" is not so much a group but a map to unix group, I'm 
> not surprised that you can't add users to this using sambe. I would 
> rather use /etc/group or whatever to add users to the unix group mapped

Good point, 2 things: 1) My userid/login 'should' already be listed in the
group, (as it IS in /etc/group), but wins doesn't return the members that
SHOULD be listed in the group).

2) It is has scripts to modify users, groups and machines... (add & delete),
in a most primitive form, it could delete group/ re-add group w/new member


It just occurred to me, that maybe it's confusing itself -- in that,
currently, Samba mangles the casename of groups/users to lower case and
hosts/domains to upper case.  Current versions of windows don't do this --
they ignore but preserve case (unless there is some pre-existing copy of the
name already in some other 'case', in which case it will convert your typed
input into the 'pre-existing copy'.

But unix/linux not only doesn't change case, it doesn't ignore them either,
so if it took something like Domain Admins, and changed it to 'domain
admins', it wouldn't match the group name when it tried to look it up.

Nevertheless, the lookup problem, was definitely caused by code
that in the patched files files that tells it not to deal with 'well 
known groups' --
regardless if they are mappings or not...

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