[Samba] Problem with name registration using nmbd

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Thu Oct 20 05:09:00 MDT 2011

Google for smbd4wins. Smbd4wins should solve this problem

Good Luck

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Hi All

I am using Samba version 3.5.8. I have four node cluster. I want to register
all VIPs to WINS server those are present in my cluster.
I am using common netbios name for all nodes.   But I am facing problem
during the name registration. There is race condition among
nmbd daemons running on different node. If nmbd running on first nodes
registers all its IP then any subsequent request from nmbd running
on other node failed with an error similar to "name already registered".

I used "cluster addresses" option in smb.conf and specified alll VIPs those
are present in the cluster (tried registering
all VIPs from a single node). But, it only registered the VIPs those are
online on its own node and hence it failed with
the same error mentioned above.

Is there any way to overcome with this problem?  Please suggest me the
solution in both cases:
1. when "clustering = yes" options has been specified
2. When "clustering = no" option has been specified in smb.conf

Any help is highly appreciated.
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