[Samba] help regarding SAMBATORTURE

nishant mungse nishantmungse at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 03:32:28 MDT 2011

hello all

I am new to this smbtorture and want to use this smbtorture on my local
machine as server and run the sample test.
Plz help me ASAP.

I am using ubuntu10.10

Following steps i performed::

1) Created a group using groupadd -r ubuntu
2) added following lines in /etc/group

3) I have created users using useradd  user1 and same for all 3 users
4) smbpasswd -a user
5) chmod -R 775 /srv/samba/share
6) chgrp -R groupname /srv/samba/shares

7) I have added a following lines in smb.conf file

comment=ubuntu system
valid user=user1,user2,user3
usershare path = /usr/local/samba/lib/usershares
userhares max share = 10

8) restart smbd
9) restart nmbd

10) root at ubuntu:/home/nishant# smbtorture //localhost/srv/samba/share -U
user1%nishant -W ubuntu all

       actually i have doubt how to create a workgroup

plz help me in following steps for using samba server as local machine.
Plz help me ASAP

Nishant Mungse

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