[Samba] samba PANIC

skull skull17 at gmx.ch
Mon Nov 28 05:37:28 MST 2011

due tu the fact that the server is in a productive environment i am not able 
to restart the samba service.
is there a way do raise the loglevel without restarting samba?

I found an old way to to it in an oreilly openbook but im not sure if this 
still works
http://oreilly.com/openbook/samba/book/ch09_01.html Activating and deactivating logging

# Increase the logging level by 1
kill -SIGUSR1 1234

# Decrease the logging level by 1
kill -SIGUSR2 1234

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> On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 11:15:52AM +0100, skull wrote:
>> We got another Crash today.
>> Still the same error message as last thursday.
>> Does no one have an idea where to begin my search?
>> Do you guys need more information?
> Exact Samba version, your smb.conf and a debug level 10 log
> of smbd leading to that crash would tremendously help.
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