[Samba] LDAP authentication doesn't refresh

tony archibald tony at dutyfreestores.com.au
Sun Nov 27 17:19:38 MST 2011

samba version 3.4.15
OpenLdap 2.3.43

Hi I am struggling with this problem at the very end of deploying a
samba/ldap solution (currently not doing an domain stuff) . It all seems to
working except that when I modify a user by adding the user to a new group
(unix group) this change is not reflected in samba shares. the opposite is
also true.

for example the directory listing is
drwxrwx--- 2 root hamcity 4096 Nov 22 10:51 hamcity

the share is defined in smb.conf
path = /export/hamcity
users =  +hamcity

I have a user jtony (initially not a member of the Group hamcity)
I add jtony to the group hamcity with
>smbldap-usermod -G +hamcity
or using a the open source "LDAP Admin" tool

at this point jtony cannot access the share \\server\hamcity

but after I restart the smb service jtony now has access to

the big question I have is , "Is this behavior by design?" if not "how do I
force samba to pick up changes in the LDAP directory without restarting the
slapd service?"

I hope some one can help, I have come so far with this and it hasn't been
easy, id hate to have to give up on what seems like a great open source
solution because of this one stumbling block.
Hoping the issue is my ignorance

regards Tony

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