[Samba] Problem in get and put of smbclient

nishant mungse nishantmungse at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 00:39:57 MST 2011

Hi all,

I am facing the difficulty in get and put of smbclient.

Commands I used were::

*smb: \> put nishant.txt nishant_samba.txt

NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED opening remote file \nishant.txt*

Where* nishant.txt is local file name* and *remote file name is
I have set the permissions of both file to 777. Still this is happening.

And regarding get

*smb: \> put nishant.txt nishant_samba.txt

Short read when getting file \nishant.txt. Only got 0 bytes.*

And here *now, nishant.txt is remote file* containing some data but in *kbs*and
*nishant_samba.txt is remote file.*

Why is this happening, can somebody explain this plz.

Please help me ASAP.

Nishant Mungse

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