[Samba] samba ghost folder on roaming profile

sebastien PROUFF sebastien.prouff at ac-poitiers.fr
Tue Nov 8 09:00:34 MST 2011


a got a annoying  issue with my samba pdc. ( v3.4.7)

Here is my config :
samba/ldap Pdc v3.4.7 (for samba) on ubuntu 10.04 lts
I used roaming profile for my users, which are mostly with W7 OS.

I got a synchronisation profile issue.
If a delete a folder after I openned a session, when i close the 
session, and re oppen it, the folder is back again.

It does not happen all the time, mostly when the folder is present from 
a while. ( several weeks)
The files inside the folder are deleted.

Does anybody encounter this issue ?
What is the magic option in smb.conf to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance


Sébastien Prouff
Responsable du pôle TICE
CDDP de la Charente Maritime
tel : 05 46 00 34 73

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