[Samba] Bit of complex smb networking... is it possible?

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Mon May 16 02:57:43 MDT 2011

Anyone able to comment if what I'm thinking is possible?


On 14/05/2011 9:25 p.m., Don Gould wrote:
> Hi Team,
> I'm looking for a bit of help to push out an idea...  don't know if 
> what I'm thinking is even possible so advice and feedback would be great.
> I want to create a shared folder for all users on a subnet that has a 
> defined amount of space they can use.
> So, all the users in can see /homes/subnet2space/ as 
> \\myserver\whatever\
> Users connected to will see /homes/subnet3space/ as 
> \\myserver\whatever\
> ...and so on...
> I'm using a Mikrotik RB750 router.
> My Debian 6 server is on and I'm runing Samba 3.5.6 
> (because that's what was in the sources).
> 1. I don't know if it's even possible to do what I'd like to be able 
> to do.
> 2.  I don't want my users to have to log on, I just want them to see 
> my server in their network neighbourhood.
> 3. I can see my server from my XP machine and my Win7 machine while 
> they're both on addresses.  The minute I put a machine 
> on another network I can't see the server any more (even though I can 
> ping the server and use http etc).
> 4. I have no control over the users machines other than DHCP.  So I 
> have no idea what workgroup scope the machines are set in, but as I 
> understand it, I should be able to set the scope from dhcp, is that 
> correct?  If yes, then what do I need to read about to figure out how 
> to do that?
> 5. I ran findsmb on my server and can see the server it self and the 
> xp machine, but I can't see the win7 machine (I can see all 3 machines 
> from the XP machine and the Win7 machine).
> 6. It took an age for the windows machines to resolve my server...  
> however I don't have a wins server set up...  I'm guessing that I need 
> to configure my server as the wins server and then change the dhcp 
> server to include this information?
> 7.  I don't want users on different networks seeing each other, only 
> machines on their network and my server on
> 8. Ideally I want all users to have the same share name (eg 
> \\myserver\sharespace) so that I can tell everyone the same name and 
> not have to configure a different share name for every network...
> 9. Failing 8, I only want users on network x.0/24 to see their share 
> and not all the shares on my server (of which there would be hundreds).
> D

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