[Samba] compressed file VFS

Jean-Pierre jean-pierre.andre at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 31 08:12:33 MDT 2011

Marcello Romani wrote:

> Windows XP (and later) and almost all Linux file managers support
> viewing a compressed file (e.g. zip archive) as a normal folder. This
> feature lives inside the file manager application and doesn't require
> any server-side support.
>> For ntfs the compression is transparent. No specific
>> extension or change needed in applications or scripts.
>> Regards
>> Jean-Pierre
> I recently read somewhere about a user that was exporting via samba an
> ntfs volume created under windows that had the "compress" option activated.
> When writing to the share via samba he could create files but not
> overwrite them. Reason is ntfs-3g driver doesn't support overwriting
> transparently compressed files. He solved the issue by mounting the
> volume under Windows and deselecting the "compress" option.
> I'm sorry but I don't remember if that post was recent, and can't find
> it againt right now.

Well, it was not supported.... until support was provided,
this is a very common situation.

Here is the link again :




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