[Samba] compressed file VFS

Marcello Romani mromani at ottotecnica.com
Thu Mar 31 06:05:18 MDT 2011

Il 31/03/2011 11:48, Jean-Pierre ha scritto:
> Andreas Moroder wrote:
>>> A similar question has been posted here (with an answer):
>>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/5212/can-i-transparently-compress-some-files-on-a-samba-share
>>> HTH
>> Hello,
>> AFAIK the FUSE filesystems have in common the problem that they are read
>> only. I have to write to this share too.
> Except at least ntfs-3g which is read + write (see
> the link posted yesterday). It is fully compatible
> with Windows, which may be useful in a Samba environment.
>> My idea was a samba VFS that, when it finds a compressed file with a
>> certain extension ( say .gzvfs ) allows a normal read access to this
>> file but allows to read and write to other files

Windows XP (and later) and almost all Linux file managers support 
viewing a compressed file (e.g. zip archive) as a normal folder. This 
feature lives inside the file manager application and doesn't require 
any server-side support.

> For ntfs the compression is transparent. No specific
> extension or change needed in applications or scripts.
> Regards
> Jean-Pierre

I recently read somewhere about a user that was exporting via samba an 
ntfs volume created under windows that had the "compress" option activated.
When writing to the share via samba he could create files but not 
overwrite them. Reason is ntfs-3g driver doesn't support overwriting 
transparently compressed files. He solved the issue by mounting the 
volume under Windows and deselecting the "compress" option.
I'm sorry but I don't remember if that post was recent, and can't find 
it againt right now.


Marcello Romani

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