[Samba] Printer drivers installation: files are not deleted

Thomas Stegbauer thomas at stegbauer.info
Tue Mar 15 04:34:36 MDT 2011

Hi Laurent, 

i cant imagine it is a permission problem. 
The driver upload runs as root and i added root 

Also i added root with 
net rpc rights grant "cake\domadm" SePrintOperatorPrivilege -U cake/root 

replaced cake with my domain-name. 

Also i find a driver which i can upload 
HP Color Laserjet 2800 (PS) from Windows XP 32 
But if Using a driver from Utax (or the appropriate Version from Kyocera) i get the permission error. 

Using a fresh installed Windows for printer driver extraction is imho no long term solution ;) 

best regards 

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Betreff: Re: [Samba] Printer drivers installation: files are not deleted 

Le 13.03.2011 22:37, Thomas Stegbauer a écrit : 
> i have a similar problem, here. 
> When trying to add a new printer via apw from a winXP32, the driver 
> files get copied over to print$ on the ubuntu 10.04 Server (Samba 3.4.7) 
> afterwards it says "Permission denied" And the driver get not registered. 

I think thatś most probably a permission issue on the server. Does the 
user you connect with have printer administrator privilege? Ie, member 
of the printadm group or similar? 

> Where do you geht the filenames, the drivers needs? 
> as i cant use rpcclient to register the drivers from commandline. 

I followed the documentation on that: I install them on a clean test 
system (win7 x64), then extract the list of files and the files 
themselves using rpcclient. That part works. 


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