[Samba] Printer drivers installation: files are not deleted

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri Mar 18 00:10:16 MDT 2011

Quoting Thomas Stegbauer (thomas at stegbauer.info):
> Hi Laurent, 
> i cant imagine it is a permission problem. 
> The driver upload runs as root and i added root 
> Also i added root with 
> net rpc rights grant "cake\domadm" SePrintOperatorPrivilege -U cake/root 
> replaced cake with my domain-name. 
> Also i find a driver which i can upload 
> HP Color Laserjet 2800 (PS) from Windows XP 32 
> But if Using a driver from Utax (or the appropriate Version from Kyocera) i get the permission error. 
> Using a fresh installed Windows for printer driver extraction is imho no long term solution ;) 

FWIW, on the setup described by Laurent (we both work in the same
organization), we finally decided to go back to the method we've
always been using : load drivers from Windows clients. We more and
more only have HP printers and we're indeed using only one driver: the
HP Universal Printing driver (actually, it's more 2-3 different
drivers on each samba print spooler but that's much better than a big
mess of dozens of drivers that mutually overwrite files).

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