[Samba] "smbd/session.c:111(session_claim) Re-using invalid record" in Samba logs

David Harrison david.harrison at stress-free.co.nz
Thu Mar 17 03:25:35 MDT 2011

Just recently the logs of a production Samba server are being populated by
the following message:

"smbd/session.c:111(session_claim) Re-using invalid record"

Does anyone have any tips for fixing this "invalid record"?
(I believe it is related to the utmp = yes option which is set in

I do not believe this log message is serious, but we are experiencing domain
login problems with some Windows 7 clients and it would be good to remove
this issue, even if it not the source of the Windows 7 login problems.


David Harrison
StressFree Solutions <http://www.stress-free.co.nz/>

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