[Samba] Printing: Request to make return connection to client optional samba 3.5.x

Urs Beckmann urs.beckmann at id.ethz.ch
Thu Mar 17 03:57:41 MDT 2011

We have a network of Samba print-stations. There are complains from 
users of slow printing, which can be tracked to the return-connection 
which samba-server makes to print-client for dynamic update of 
printer-status. Since samba-servers are on different subnets than 
print-clients, the return-connection from samba to windows-client always 
fails in windows-firewall, but the tries to build up the 
return-connection lead to delay in printing and sometimes to delays in 
printer-properties dialog. It's not possible for us to ask clients to 
open their firewalls, we need a solution on print-server.
What helps is to modify samba source as follows:
in file rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:
function spoolss_connect_to_client:
do nothing but return False;
Unfortunately a modified samba-version is not welcome here politically, 
so if this feature of optionally (configurable in smb.conf) not making 
the return-connection could be built into next version of samba in the 
3.5.x line it would be very helpful.

An other issue is the timeout for making a connection from Samba to the 
Windows DC for print authentication, fixed at 10 seconds, which is 
sometimes too small.
This is in file libsmb/cliconnect.c:
cli_set_timeout(cli, 10000); /* 10 seconds */
If this timeout could optionally be increased to 30 seconds it would 
also be very helpful.

Thank you
Urs Beckmann
ETH Zürich, Informatikdienste, VPP
RZE25, Clausiusstr. 59, 8092 Zürich
Tel 044 632 34 88, urs.beckmann at id.ethz.ch

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