[Samba] filesystem of choice?

Aaron E. ssureshot at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 09:40:48 MDT 2011

I vote for ext4 also, we have been running on that for a few years with 
no issues..

On 06/24/2011 10:22 AM, Gary Dale wrote:
> On 24/06/11 09:46 AM, John G. Heim wrote:
>> I'm setting up a new linux fileserver and I was wondering if samba
>> likes one filesystem more than another. I have to format a 1.8Tb
>> partition sometime today and I'll probably do ext3 unless samba
>> prefers something else.
>> We have a lot more linux users than Windows users but the Windows
>> users have more problems with slow access.
> I use ext4 on mine without any issues. Since you're unlikely to change
> the file system once it's set up, why not go for the more modern
> version? It's stable and will probably receive better support over the
> long run.

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