[Samba] Different permissions displayed in "security" tab and"advanced" tab

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Thu Jun 23 23:11:08 MDT 2011

Linda W wrote:

> ----
>     I just tried this --
>     I was able to add a Domain group, and give it 'full permissions'
> on the ACL and save it.
>     'RIGHTS' / priviledges work as well...(just tried it)
	FWIW, I use the 'xfs' file system.

It requires no special options to enable acl or ea support on mounting.

In my (G) section, I have:

	ea support = yes

Then on each Share (they are share level params) that I want
full Win compatbility, I use:

	map acl inherit = yes
	acl group control = yes

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