[Samba] 'net ads testjoin' return successful but 'wbinfo -t' return failed

Yu Liao liaoyu17 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 21:42:02 MDT 2011

Hi, All

In my lab, I set up a samba server to join the ad domain, and want to use
the domain user to access the cifs share.

        realm = LAB.TEST.COM

        workgroup = LAB

        security = ads

        encrypt passwords = yes

        password server =

        winbind enum users = no

        winbind enum groups = no

        winbind use default domain = no

I find I can’t get the user information with ‘wbinfo -u’, and the ‘wbinfo
-t’ return failed.

# wbinfo -u

# wbinfo -t

checking the trust secret for domain HSVR via RPC calls failed

Could not check secret

I use ‘net ads testjoin’ to test the join status, and it return successful.

# net ads testjoin

Join is OK

I am a little confused, if the ‘net ads testjoin’ return successful, why the
‘wbinfo –t’ failed.

Best Regards.
Yu Liao

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