[Samba] 20 char usersname on windows 7

Jorge Concha C. jac at cec.uchile.cl
Tue Jun 14 14:08:57 MDT 2011

Hi Friends,

I have a samba PDC running as a domain of 200 pc.
Samba uses LDAP as a backend.

The windows are attached to windows xp domain, and we have no problem.

Now we need to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7.

The problem is that we have users whose name is longer than 20 characters.

In tests we have done, these users (username> 20 chars), can not log in to
computers with Windows 7. However, in Windows XP, they log in without problems.

Obviously, users with less than 20 characters log in without problems on windows7.

Any ideas?


Jorge C.

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