[Samba] HP Laserjet WinXP driver install on samba 3.2.5 --> explorer.exe crash

Michael Schmitt tcwardrobe at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 13:31:52 MDT 2011

Hi folks,

I have a samba PDC with about 5 printers (from HP, Kyocera and Canon) 
and except the one HP Laserjet 2055 PCL6 all drivers (installed via 'Add 
Printer Wizard Driver Installation') for all printers did install well 
and without major issues in the print$-driver-share.

With this driver all seems well until I finally hit the "ok"-button in 
the printer properties dialog after the copying of the driver to the 
samba server finished... then a few seconds nothing happens, and then 
either a crash with "Explorer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to 
close" or the Data Execution Prevention thingy shouts around (when not 
disabled), with essentially the same thing: explorer closed.
If I try to access the printer properties after that 
not-so-successful-driver-install I get this message "Function address 
0xNN caused a protection fault. Some or all property page(s) may not be 
displayed. " and nothing at all is shown.

If I try to add the printer on a WinXP workstation nevertheless with 
something like "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /n 
"\\SERVER\printerl", the driver installs ok, but as soon as I try to 
open the properties dialog of that printer OR try to print something 
from e.g. word.exe, the whole application (from which I tried to print) 
or explorer.exe crashes as well...

As it seems I can install the driver manually on the workstation and 
then it works without crashing anything...

For sure I tried this procedure on at least three different workstations 
in all sorts of combinations, the outcome is always the same.

All WinXP SP3 "current", does anyone have an idea what goes wrong there 
and if there is a possible fix? I know that samba version is rather old 
(Debian oldstable "lenny") and I will upgrade the whole box in the next 
few days, but that needs some planning before and it would be nice if 
the printer thing would be resolved then. :)


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