[Samba] UID mapping

Martin Rootes M.J.Rootes at shu.ac.uk
Tue Jun 14 10:27:36 MDT 2011


     I'm trying to convert an old system on Solaris 10 that uses the 
smbpasswd file authentication method to a system that authenticates 
against Active Directory. I've managed to get winbind working but of 
course this just allocates UIDs as it sees fit whereas the smbpasswd 
file method used the UID from the /etc/passwd file. The user codes on 
the Solaris server match the user codes in AD but if I just switch over 
to winbind the UIDs will not match. If there were only a small number of 
users I could simply change the ownership of the users home directories 
to match the winbind allocated UID but unfortunately there are thousands 
of users and so this would be a mammoth task. I've has a look at various 
bits of documentation but can't get my head around the best strategy. 
Has anyone needed to do something similar and if so how did you go about it?

     Also the users' home directories are distributed around multiple 
directories and I would prefer to continue to use the home directory 
information from /etc/passwd as opposed to using "template homedir" 
(although I assume that I could leave the directories in place and just 
set up links to them). I've had also had a look at the PADL nss_ldap 
stuff but can't get it to compile, it seems to be looking for SASL, 
would the SASL version on the Sun Freeware site work?


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