[Samba] building from source on Ubuntu - header file locations

alexander.gardiner at canterbury.ac.uk alexander.gardiner at canterbury.ac.uk
Fri Jun 3 12:07:47 MDT 2011

Thank you for the response.

I stumbled upon those pages this afternoon.

Sorry for the un-needed post.

Thanks all.


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> Hello.
> I have successfully built and installed samba from source under Ubuntu Desktop 10.10, but can't find the location of the source header files for compiling a special VFS that I'd like to use.
> Can anybody point me in the right direction/give any pointers.


In short: there is no -dev package because it has to be supported
upstream first (particularly upstream deciding what interfaces are
considered "supported" and not internal).

So, ATM, to rebuild VFS modules, you're on your own and the guarantee
that they won't break later on is low.

The above bugs should indeed be reported in Bugzilla so that upstream
samba developers can bring their input but that needs to be done by
someone who is able to explain things and understand answers, which
I'm not..:-)

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