[Samba] winbind only for ntlm_auth

Lukas Haase lukashaase at gmx.at
Sat Jun 11 04:34:06 MDT 2011


On the local machine I have running samba (3.5.6) as PDC for Windows XP 
using the LDAP backend.

This works great; however, for one service running on the *same* machine 
I need ntlm_auth for SSO and therefore winbind. I do *not* need winbind 
for NSS etc. since all users are resolved by plain LDAP anyway. ONLY to 
get ntlm_auth working!

I just installed winbind and it works - more or less. However, I get 
tons of messages like

idmap_alloc module tdb/passdb/nss already registered!
Upgrade of IDMAP_VERSION from -1 to 2 is not possible with incomplete 
idmap will be unable to map foreign SIDs: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
ERROR: Initialization failed for alloc backend, deferred!

See the whole log output: http://pastebin.com/VinKqZHk

The whole smb.conf can be found here: http://pastebin.com/BR0s6EyR

In my opinion I should not need any further options, however, it seems 
that winbind is expecting some.

Can anybody tell me what I am missing?


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